We offer the following services

1.     Area Operations

Because criminals can roam freely on your farm, it gives them the advantage in any situation. This means they can scout your farm for weeks on end without you knowing about it. We move around on farms at night, doing long range patrols. By doing this we dominate the area with our specific M.O. and by dominating we secure the area. This can be followed up by a well developed safety plan……read more

2.     Training

There is a huge misconception with regards to training. Most people want to learn how to disarm an attacker. That is reactive and usually ineffective in the case where you have multiple attackers. We offer pro-active training based on realistic scenarios we have encountered throughout our 21 years fighting this war. If you think you don’t need it, think again ……read more

3.     Risk Assessments

If you need a professional risk assessment done, contact us. We have extensive years of knowledge and expertise we apply to help you draw up a safety plan and ensure your chances of survival are the best……read more

4.     Anti Poaching and Anti Stock Theft

We have run many successful operations on this front and we are the best. Let us help you if your losses are making you lose sleep……read more