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Attacks? Stock theft? Poaching? Let our specialist operators help.

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The right pro-active training ensures the best chance of survival. Let us empower you.

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Get the correct equipment for the job, Professional advice and help.

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How do you know your property is safe? Let us do a risk assessment for you.

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Farm Attacks, Stock Theft, Poaching

Need Help?

We have the answer. Our proven track record since 1997 speaks volumes.

There is amazing technology available on the market today, and an overwhelming amount of training and training courses BUT - is this enough? Technology does not catch a criminal, it merely warns you that someone is there or has been there. Most training is reactive - in other words, the attacker is already attacking you before you take action.

Technology must be backed up by the correct manpower. And the better trained and skilled this manpower, the more successful any operation can be. That is exactly what we offer. A professionally trained team of operators who have been fighting this war since 1997.

Not just another security company - our operators are all ex military with extensive experience in war zones around the world. Specifically trained to fight farm attackers, stock thieves and poachers.

Combine that with the correct technology and you have the best chance of stopping crime before it happens.


Stock theft and poaching is costing South Africa billions annually. How much have you lost the past year? Enough to pay the price for specialist help? If you answer yes, then contact us today still to find out how we can help you.

The bad news is - the situation is not going to get better. Crime is increasing because there are no consequences for the criminal. This is a vortex that gets worse and worse because crime and drug syndicates are becoming involved in stock theft and poaching. The war is intensifying? Do you think your self defence training will be enought to fight trained gangs?

Unfortunately we live in a time where help is needed in fighting crime. so why wait? Contact us today to find out how we can assist.

Farm Attacks

Because more and more syndicates are getting involved, so will farm attacks. Farmers are easy targets and hence farm crimes will escalate.

You have two options basically - either emigrate or make a stand. But make a stand by adding the right group into your corner when the fighting kicks off. Ask for professional help before it is too late and let us help end this insanity.

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